Employer Spotlight: Five Questions with Senior Development Project Manager, Emily Tang, CPA

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At CPABC’s Trendsetter Series events, current and future CPAs are invited to mix and mingle with industry leaders to learn about how they broke into their respective industries. Mark your calendar for the next events in the series.  Find out what it’s like to work  at one of the Trendsetters themselves, Mosaic Homes, as Emily Tang, CPA, shares her experience below.

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1. How long have you been with Mosaic and what do you do there?

I started with Mosaic almost four years ago as a CPA student and am currently working as a Senior Development/Project Accountant. I’m responsible for managing budgets and financing for the various projects we have under development, including preparing reports summarizing project costs and profitability.

2. Describe your career development at Mosaic.

I knew I wanted to work in the real estate industry but I didn’t realize the variety of roles there are within Finance. During my time at Mosaic, I was given the opportunity to experience a breadth of roles within and outside of the Finance team; allowing me to develop a wealth of knowledge and experiences. In just four years, I’ve worked as an: Accounts Payable Specialist, Corporate Accountant, Development/Project Accountant, Financial Analyst and a Senior Development/Project Accountant. That variety has certainly made me a well-rounded finance professional. I wouldn’t change a thing!

3. Describe your access to working with senior managers on the Finance Team. 

When I joined Mosaic, our CFO, Clint, provided me with a five-year sketch of my future with the Company. We have checked-in on this every year to discuss where I am at in my career, where I want to be and how to get there. This really helped set me up for success.

I have also had the opportunity to work directly with our Controllers, VP Finance and CFO throughout my time at Mosaic. For example, in my first six months, I worked with Clint and our VP Finance, Catherine, to test Mosaic’s internal controls. I did extensive research into how to create and successfully introduce fraudulent invoices into an accounting system and successfully championed the project. While it was almost too realistic, I learned a lot and it improved our internal controls.

4. How has Mosaic helped you to prepare for the CFE?

I know students in industry often express fear around the CFE but with a strong support network it really isn’t that scary. I received lots of support from my managers, who never made me prioritize work over the CPA program. I was given ample time off to study and my workload was taken into consideration to ensure balance with studying full time. My colleagues would also share their knowledge of the program and use their personal time to mark and provide feedback on my case-writing skills in preparation for the CFE.

5. What do you like best about working at Mosaic?

I’ve accomplished a number of personal milestones during my time at Mosaic. I obtained my CPA designation, bought my first home (a Mosaic Home), got married and have had tremendous financial and career progression; similar to my peers working at any of the Big Four accounting firms. Without a doubt though, my favorite thing about working at Mosaic is being around such passionate and talented colleagues. I enjoy coming to work every day and feel I always leave learning something new. We also have some pretty cool team events! I encourage anyone looking to pursue their CPA designation to check out opportunities at Mosaic.

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This article originally appeared on LinkedIn, February 11th 2020, produced by Ash Hirji.