High School Ambassador Insights #1

CPABC are delighted to welcome all of our new High School Ambassadors to the program! Check out the profiles below of some of our newest volunteers.

Name: Lisa Tran

School: Britannia Secondary School

Grade: 12

Hobbies/interests: Some of my passions include advocating for social change, participating in business competition and working on entrepreneurial projects. I also enjoy playing ultimate frisbee with my school’s team and hiking with my friends in my spare time.

My first exposure to accounting was when I first opened a youth savings account during my early years of elementary education. I would often go to the bank with my parents when they had to open investments or different saving accounts; therefore, I had financial exposure fairly early throughout my childhood. My parents would often emphasize the importance of financial literacy and learning due to the financial stress that was present in my household.

Originally, I did not immediately have an interest in finance or accounting because the idea behind this was purely just math to me. In my marketing class, we would often work on spreadsheets and computation when it came to accounting, therefore, this was the most exposure that I had regarding this area of knowledge. I had some interest in accounting, but it was not the ideal career I wanted to go into.

My feelings since then have changed with the different opportunities and experiences that I encountered from spreading awareness of financial literacy to becoming a high school ambassador for CPABC. Being able to engage in a module that includes applications of finance and accounting continues to allow me to learn how to be money smart while continuing to grow my passion throughout my post-secondary education and beyond. The different areas of accounting have encouraged me to explore these sectors and become more open-minded when it comes to taking risks.

Name: Dean Oh

School: Fraser Heights Secondary School

Grade: 10

My first encounter with the field of accounting occurred when I viewed comedic skits by Monty Python, who satirized the field of accounting and characterized it as insidiously mundane. I held this presupposition that accounting was a menial field until I first viewed the film “Schindler’s List”, which told the harrowing tale of Oskar Schindler, a German business magnate who spent his entire fortune to rescue those of Jewish Descent from Nazi concentration camps. I found inspiration in Schindler’s accountant Itzhak Stern, who undertook many of the technical activities concerned with Schindler’s plans, keeping meticulous lists of hundreds of Jewish Germans in preparation for their rescue. I found this film incredibly inspiring, and it began my passion for the field of accounting, realizing that it does not merely involve the adding and subtracting of meaningless numbers onto a spreadsheet, it could provide true value to organizations and social movements, proving integral for the functioning of several organizations. My perception of accounting had undergone a substantial paradigm shift, I had gone from disavowing the field of accounting as mundane and meaningless, to showing incredible interest in the field as something integral to the functioning of innumerable businesses and nonprofits, realizing its importance to the greater world as well as the fulfillment and meaning it could imbue one’s life with.


Name: Sophia Li

School: Prince of Wales Secondary School

Grade: 10

Hobbies/Interests: At school, I take accounting as an elective and it is a very enjoyable class.

I first came across accounting through my mom, who is a CPA. As I grew older, I became more and more interested in learning about what CPAs do. Before, I thought that accountants simply worked repetitively with numbers, which would get boring over time. However, after experiencing Take Your Kid to Work day and learning more about CPAs on my own, my feelings towards accounting as a career have definitely changed. When I was in grade 9 and shadowed my mom in her workplace, I noted that although she did spend time on her computer working on spreadsheets, she spent a considerable amount of time in meetings. I learned that interacting with others is a less-known side of the duties of a senior CPA. I wanted to find out more about CPAs, since what my mom does is only one of the many possible career paths available in accounting. I now know that there are countless management positions attainable as a CPA in business, and that accounting is so much more than just dealing with numbers—dealing with people is a critical aspect as well.

Name: Andy Feng

School: R.A. McMath Secondary School

Grade: 11

Hobbies/interests: Physical activities such as basketball or skiing.

I first learned of accounting – or at least the concept – when I was around 7, at Costco. My mum had separated the types of items we were buying at the checkout into two different receipts. I was curious about this, so I asked if there was a point to doing this. To my surprise, one side was for business use, while the other was for personal use. I didn’t think much of it back then and initially thought that “Oh, maybe it’s so that she can save money”. While not true at the time, it was important in the sense of introducing the idea of organizing different purchases for different uses. I knew that organizing money was important, because of my parents and television shows, but there was an entirely new aspect of organizing numbers, such as avoiding fraud, and practicing principles that were shown to me through my high school accounting course. My feelings had changed from “You can do this if you want to save money” to “You need to do this or else the government will find you”. I have learned that accounting is an essential field for any business. It helps keep track of finances, but also to help a business point in the right direction for financial growth and to stay cool with the government.