CPA Campus Ambassador Insights: Alex Luu, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Hello, my name is Alex Luu and I am a third year student at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. I am in the Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting program and hope to graduate in June 2021.

What made you decide to become a CPA Campus Ambassador?

I decided to become a CPA Campus Ambassador after hearing about the previous KPU Campus Ambassador talk about her experiences. Hearing about all the events she got to attend, new people she got to meet, and new things she learned, really showed how rewarding it was to become a CPA Campus Ambassador and encouraged me to put forth my name.

What do you hope to get out of being a CPA Campus Ambassador?

I look forward to building meaningful relationships with the other Campus Ambassadors as well as people from the CPABC office and improving my leadership skills. As an ambassador I will most likely run into students that want to learn more about the CPA program or accounting in general and I am excited to point them towards the right direction.

What aspect of an accounting/business career surprised or interested you most?

I think the biggest aspect that surprised me is how important it is to have strong communication skills. I initially thought that all it took to have a successful career in accounting was to do well in academics. While being strong academically is important, companies look to hire based on how well candidates would fit in with their peers, which is why it is key to be able to communicate well with others as well as clients.

What was the deciding factor for you to choose the CPA path?

The deciding factor for choosing to do the CPA path is how highly regarded the designation is in the business world. The CPA designation provides a level of standard to show what accountants are capable of and shows a certain level of competence. Additionally, I think going through the CPA process will be helpful in strengthening my accounting and business case related skills.

What do you hope to achieve in your future career?

I definitely hope to launch my career in public accounting in my first few years out of university, but beyond that I am not sure what type of position I will look for. The great thing about having a CPA designation is how many opportunities will present themselves to me!

Can you share an interest outside of school that you are passionate about?

I am a huge fan of basketball whether it is watching the NBA or playing at my local gym with a few friends. One of my biggest dreams is Vancouver getting a professional team back here again, if the NBA ever expands, and being able to sit courtside for a game.

Can you tell me one thing about yourself that others might not know, or find surprising?

I was born here in Vancouver, Canada and lived here for my first 3 years before moving to Saigon, Vietnam for 4 years and then finally came back home! I used to dislike living in Vietnam because most of my family was in B.C. and missed them a lot but thinking back, I made some great memories in Vietnam.


Photo by Kent Kallberg Studios