Happy Halloween from all of us!

Happy Halloween! The CPABC Student Engagement and Employer Relations Team wishes you a safe and sunny Halloween!

This year, our team dressed up as Insight blocks – a tool we use in the office, based on the four-colour model to highlight key personality preferences and associated behaviors. Can you guess what the colours mean and what your dominant colour is?

Our office hosted a CPABC Costume Contest with all sorts of fun themes such as Monopoly, Bees, Hocus Pocus, Men in Black, M&M’s, Christmas, mice and more!

If you see us at networking events and conferences, don’t forget to say “hi”! We love sharing our experiences at CPABC as well as personal passions and hobbies!

(Back row from left to right: Lorena, Linda, Stephanie and Sharon)

(Front row from left to right: Laura, Jessica, Angela and Jing)