[National Volunteer Week 2019] Member Ambassador Spotlight: Tyler Wells, 604 Records

It’s National Volunteer Week! With this year’s theme being “The Volunteer Factor – Lifting Communities.”, we are celebrating and recognizing the exponential impact of our CPABC Member Ambassador Volunteers and their efforts in supporting CPABC’s student recruitment.

With one article everyday this week, this is one of five articles, featuring interviews with our Member Ambassadors.

Meet Tyler Wells, Controller at 604 Records

What’s the most memorable moment in your path to becoming a CPA?

One moment that I’ll always remember was during our weekend Interactive Session which happened to occur during the Sochi Winter Olympic Games.  After the Saturday session, I managed to convince a few of my classmates to meet at a bar to watch the Olympic Men’s Gold Medal game at 4am.  It was snowing outside, and Canada won gold very early that morning.  The streets were completely empty, there weren’t even tire marks in the snow on the roads.  After the celebrations we all grabbed coffee and walked across the street to our 8am Sunday Interactive Session where we’d discuss, debate, and challenge each other’s analytical thinking until 6pm.  I knew sitting in our session that morning that I was exactly where I was meant to be.  Surrounded by likeminded people willing to put in the early mornings and late nights, happy to lose a few hours of sleep and still exceed the high expectations of our facilitators.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about CPAs?

One of the biggest misconceptions I encounter from the public outside of the accounting world is that people tend to assume that all CPAs do is count beans, push pencils, and file taxes.  The hard truth is many CPAs have nothing to do with these tasks.  CPAs are unique individuals.  They are out fighting white collar crime, coaching ambitious entrepreneurs how to accomplish their dreams, leading corporations with annual revenues larger than the GDP of some small countries, and innovating disruptive change across all industries.

What is one thing you’d say to someone who wants to become a CPA?

In your beginning years, gaining meaningful experience will be much more valuable than your annual compensation.  It’s a long road, but it’s also an exceedingly rewarding one.  What you get out of the program is highly leveraged by what you put in. Take on that extra project.  Seek mentorship.  We’re fortunate to have some of the best and brightest individuals as a resource available to us, and most of them are more than willing to share wisdom and pass down their expertise via mentorship to future candidates.

How has your CPA helped you get to where you are today in your career?

The designation opened new doors very quickly for me.  It got me a seat at the table in the board room and provided me the opportunity to work with many extraordinary individuals.  I’ve been fortunate enough to develop, build, and innovate strategic change in some of my personal favourite industries.  I don’t know of many other career paths that allow you to transition from craft breweries, to world class ski resorts, to multi-billion dollar publicly traded corporations, to collaborating with legendary rock stars so seamlessly.

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