[National Volunteer Week 2019] Member Ambassador Spotlight: Christine Woodington, Coal Island Ltd.

It’s National Volunteer Week! With this year’s theme being “The Volunteer Factor – Lifting Communities.”, we are celebrating and recognizing the exponential impact of our CPABC Member Ambassador Volunteers and their efforts in supporting CPABC’s student recruitment.

With one article everyday this week, this is one of five articles, featuring interviews with our Member Ambassadors.

Meet Christine Woodington, CPA, CGA, Corporate Accountant and Coal Island Ltd.

What’s the most memorable moment in your path to becoming a CPA?

One morning I had a couple study buddies messaging me, and asking if I had passed the final exam.  I was really too scared to look, so I finally sat at the computer logged in and cried.  It wasn’t that I had failed, but it was the overwhelming feeling of “I’m done.”  I took that moment to reflect on all the years of education, the different roles I acquired to get the experience I needed, and being ever so thankful for everyone that helped me along this journey.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about CPAs?

We don’t all have a tax season!!  Funny enough this year I found myself saying that a lot.  Not just to locals but family and friends outside of Canada.  I was telling people that I was so busy, and putting in extra hours to get work done, and I always got the same reaction. They would say “Ya it’s tax season, you guys must be really busy.”

What is one thing you’d say to someone who wants to become a CPA?

CPA’s are everywhere! Being a CPA opens many doors and provides opportunities that at first may not seem possible  The program equips you with many fundamental and transferrable skills that you can take to whatever career or passion you have.

How has your CPA helped you get to where you are today in your career?

I have been very fortunate to have the support of my employers not just during the program but even after I completed my CPA.  They were not only willing to invest in my skills as an employee, but they provided time off and financial support: course dues, members’ dues and now CPD credits. I wasn’t even a CPA yet, but just being in the program and willing to get a CPA provided lots of opportunities for growth.  When an employer sees on my resume I am a CPA there is a general understanding that I come to the table with a level of knowledge, expertise, and a standard of ethical behavior. Job descriptions ask for a CPA designation, and could be the one factor that lands you that next role.

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