Clearline CPA: Anything But Boring – Alex And Cryptocurrency

By Team Clearline CPA

Cryptocurrency - Clearline CPA

Meet Alex. Alex is a Clearline employee enrolled in the CPA professional education program, and he’s helping our clients navigate the Wild West of cryptocurrency and bitcoin technology.

At Clearline, we love technology and working with clients who are committed to innovation.

Alex has been working closely with the CEO of a cryptocurrency company and helping developers create a tool to track the tax impact of cryptocurrency trades.

“It’s an exciting time to invest in the cryptocurrency space and there are some significant hurdles when it comes to reporting capital gains and losses on cryptocurrency transactions,” says Alex. “I’m currently working with the company to build a long-term solution for tracking the tax implications of their cryptocurrency transactions. As it turns out, our client may be rolling out a product to help others with this issue too. We’re building future-oriented solutions together and that is anything, but boring.”

Alex brings his love for innovation and technology to all of his client interactions.

“Coming from an entrepreneurial background, I love meeting other entrepreneurs and helping them achieve their goals,” says Alex. “Technology is changing how we do business rapidly, staying competitive often means adopting new technology. This is true even for small business nowadays. It can be overwhelming to sift through new apps and programs and I love being able to simplify this process for our clients – be it researching and recommending apps to use to keep track of their expenses, or coming up with paper-less processes for bookkeeping. Helping our clients solve real world problems is the reason why I wanted to become a CPA.”

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