Employer Spotlight: Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers


CPABC CareerConnect employer partner, Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, is a world leader in asset management and disposition. Ritchie Bros. is headquartered in Burnaby, BC and has 110 locations in 25 countries and 44 auction sites worldwide. Ritchie Bros. sells billions of dollars of heavy equipment each year. They are trusted worldwide because they make buying and selling heavy equipment and trucks easy, efficient, fair, and transparent. Everything about the company is big – from the equipment they sell, to their global footprint, to their potential for future growth and success, and opportunity for you. CPABC had the chance to ask Ritchie Bros. about what it’s like to work there and here’s what they had to say.


goCPAbc:  Describe the corporate culture at Ritchie Bros. in five words or less.

RITCHIE BROS.: Energetic, people-oriented, passionate, entrepreneurial, diverse  


goCPAbc:  What types of clients does Ritchie Bros. work with?

RITCHIE BROS.: From small, one-person contractor businesses to large, multinational companies – and everything in between. Our clients work in construction, transportation, farming, mining, forestry, oil & gas and a host of other industries.


goCPAbc:  What kind of experience would a student acquire working at Ritchie Bros. that they may not get elsewhere?

RITCHIE BROS.: Ritchie Bros. is the global leader in used equipment sales; in 2015 moving $4.2 billion in inventory and this is compared to a market size of $360 billion. Not only is there plenty of room left for the company to grow, this provides plenty of career opportunity for our employees. We face challenging problems, in a fast-paced and diverse environment that operations with offices and facilities in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.


goCPAbc:  Describe the composition of the accounting and finance team (i.e. positions) at Ritchie Bros.

RITCHIE BROS.: Our team is a full complement of accounting and financing roles with tremendous breadth and depth: from entry level, to executive but also corporate & operational Accounting, corporate tax, sales tax treasury, FP & A and internal risk.


goCPAbc:  What, in your view, is the single coolest thing about working at Ritchie Bros.?

RITCHIE BROS.:  It’s a constantly-changing, event-based business so every day is different, and it’s never boring.


goCPAbc:  Tell me why a student should consider working at Ritchie Bros.?

RITCHIE BROS.: They’ll get exposure working for a stable, industry leader that they’ve probably never even heard of, let alone considered.


goCPAbc:  What is something fun your company has done in the past 12 months? (e.g., volunteered as a team, had a fun Christmas party).

RITCHIE BROS.: Every year Ritchie Bros. hosts Corporate Kids Challenge – an annual fundraising event at the company’s headquarters in Burnaby, BC, Canada. All proceeds go to support KidSport BC. It’s like sports day for adults and it’s all for a great cause.


goCPAbc:  Give me five qualities you look for in a CPA student interested in working for Ritchie Bros.

RITCHIE BROS.: Communication, critical thinking, action oriented, motivation to grow in the organisation, learning agility, flexibility and adaptability.


goCPAbc:  What value does a CPA or CPA student bring to Ritchie Bros.?

RITCHIE BROS.: Industry-wide recognition. Long term goals, opportunity to grow in the organisation. Access to future learnings and networks.


goCPAbc: If you could give students a glimpse into their future, what’s one thing you would tell them about what’s great about being a professional accountant?

RITCHIE BROS.: A CPA accountant is a noble profession and a great foundational skill set to spring board into any career. Ritchie Bros. leverages CPA designates for driving strategic management processes stretching beyond standard Accounting duties. A global organization like ours, offers exposure to international accounting complexities, processes, standards and a variety of job opportunities.