Employer Spotlight: Omicron



Established in 1998, Omicron has become one of the largest integrated development services, design and construction firms in Western Canada. They are a Platinum Club Member of Canada’s Best Managed Companies program – a program that recognizes companies that implement world class business practices and create value in innovative ways. Their head office is based in Vancouver, BC with offices in Victoria, BC and Calgary, AB. Omicron is also one of CPABC’s CareerConnect employer partners. We recently had a chance to talk to their Human Resources team to get the scoop on what it’s like to work for their company.


goCPAbc:  Describe the corporate culture at Omicron in five words or less.

Omicron: Positive, solutions-driven, collaborative, professional, and fun!


goCPAbc:  What types of clients does Omicron work with?

Omicron: We work with a variety of clients in the commercial, institutional, residential and industrial industries. Past and current clients include:

  • Nordstrom
  • Coast Capital Savings Credit Union
  • Whole Foods Market Ltd.
  • Telus
  • The City of Vancouver
  • Molson Coors


goCPAbc:  What kind of experience would a student acquire working at Omicron that they may not get elsewhere?

Omicron: As an integrated firm, we offer a unique learning experience. Students are given the opportunity to gain exposure to all areas of our business and service offerings, working with professionals on our development, design and construction projects. We also provide the opportunity for a well-rounded experience, encouraging students to take ownership of their projects to grow and learn many skills that are not necessarily taught in school.


goCPAbc:  Describe the composition of the accounting and finance team (i.e. positions) at Omicron.

Omicron: We have a CFO, a Controller, four Project Accountants, a Corporate Accountant, and an Accounting Clerk in our Accounting and Finance team. Fun fact: our Accounting Clerk started out as a co-op, and has now returned as a permanent employee!


goCPAbc:  What, in your view, is the single coolest thing about working at Omicron?

Omicron: It is hard to pick one, but it is awesome to interact with a variety of personalities with an abundance of experience in the construction, design, engineering, and corporate industries.


goCPAbc:  Tell me why a student should consider working at Omicron?

Omicron: Omicron provides the opportunity to work in a fast-paced environment with a great team that fully supports you. We encourage and support professional development for all of our employees, and also organize many events that allow us to have fun and socialize with one another.


goCPAbc:  What is something fun your company has done in the past 12 months? (e.g., volunteered as a team, had a fun Christmas party).

Omicron: We recently had an office Olympics week where we had teams of four compete in mini Olympic-themed games around the office. It was a tight race, but our last event, Chair Rowing, had a great impact on the final results – we ended up with two teams that tied for gold (we made our medals out of chocolate bars!). We also celebrated by having an in-office closing ceremony and potluck.


goCPAbc:  Give me five qualities you look for in a CPA student interested in working for Omicron.


At Omicron, our promise is to deliver a better experience. We do so by making sure our people work off the same page, and by implementing our five Guiding Principles in all aspects of our work. That’s what brings our promise to life. The qualities we look for are what makes up our Guiding Principles.

  1. Be a Leader – We show people a better way to develop, build and maintain. That makes us leaders, and we are looking for leaders to be part of our team. Everyone has a role to play in this regardless of title. It’s about being an example, being accountable, and taking initiative.
  2. Build Trust – Keep your promises, get real about mistakes and put people first. We exist as a company because people trust us to make better decisions.
  3. Be Efficient – As an integrated firm, this is one of the biggest benefits. We are looking for collaborators, team players, and people who look for ways of making things better.
  4. Be Involved – We are a team, and we all have opportunities to hit a home run and cheer others on. We are looking for people who engage and share ideas with others, communicate with others and team up to find solutions.
  5. Be Proud – We are looking for people who set high standards, make decisions they can stand behind, deliver on promises and celebrate success. We have lots to be proud of.


goCPAbc:  What value does a CPA or CPA student bring to Omicron?

Omicron: The combination of technical and soft skills obtained through the CPA program is of great value to Omicron, as we look for individuals who are hard working and team players. We value fresh perspectives and look for those with an ambitious mindset.


goCPAbc: If you could give students a glimpse into their future, what’s one thing you would tell them about what’s great about being a professional accountant?

Omicron: Being a professional accountant opens up many doors to your career, and allows you to explore opportunities that you would not have thought of previously. You would gain exposure to different communities, projects, and grow your network!