CPA Profile: Nelson Soh, CPA, CA, Finance Manager, Innovative Fitness



As an undergraduate student, Nelson was unsure of where his future career would take him and had no idea in the early years that accounting was for him. It was a tough decision to go into accounting for Nelson, but certainly not one that he regrets. The decision was difficult because accountants are stereotyped to sit at a desk all day and perform the same tasks day in and day out. This is certainly not what Nelson envisioned life after university to be like. After attending a few accounting recruiting events in his senior years at UBC, Nelson realized that the stereotypical accountant image is more common in movies than in real life.

Nelson’s passion for health and fitness started in high school through involvement in school sports where he was the captain of multiple sports teams and also coached junior teams. His love for fitness continued throughout university where he spent much of his time training at the UBC gym. Nelson was a regular at the UBC gym and could be found before, in between or after classes dedicating countless hours of his time to his passion. He spent so much time at the UBC gym that the staff and other students often mistook him for a human kinetics student or a personal trainer instead of a Sauder student learning the fundamentals of financial accounting.

After graduating from UBC with his Bachelors of Commerce in Accounting, Nelson started his career in public accounting (audit in particular) where he completed and attained his professional accounting designation. He would then make the transition into private industry. Nelson currently holds the title as the Finance Manager for Innovative Fitness, a personal training company based in Vancouver. His role with the company has enabled him to develop a new skill set and allowed him to become involved in projects outside of the scope of accounting and financial reporting. He works very closely with the two Founders of Innovative Fitness and the Director of Sales, and accepts all challenges that stretch him beyond his usual comfort zone.   Nelson relishes the opportunity to learn from successful entrepreneurs and always seeks new and different ways he can challenge himself professionally and physically. As part of the Innovative Fitness team, he gets to enjoy the Innovative Fitness experience first-hand and train with the Professional Fitness Coaches in the flagship Kitsilano location.

Nelson’s best advice to anyone chasing their dreams is to remember that every dream starts with a belief that comes from within. Believe in yourself, work your butt off and never give up!

One set, three reps with Nelson Soh, CPA, CA.

Q: What’s the best thing about being a CPA?
A: Telling people that I am a CPA because 9 out of 10 don’t believe me. Save the stereotypes for the movies!

Q: What are you fitness goals?
A: To be fit for life. Fitness is a lifestyle and it is never too late to start.

Q: iPhone or Android?
A: Android, let the battle begin!