Employer Spotlight: WorkSafeBC

We recently sat down with Tim Lee, Manager Workforce Resourcing at WorkSafeBC. Read on to learn what working at this CPABC CareerConnect Employment Partner is all about.

goCPAbc:  Describe the corporate culture at WorkSafeBC in 5 words or less.
WorkSafeBC: Innovative, Caring, Compassionate, Resilient and Accountable.


goCPAbc:  What sort of clients does WorkSafeBC work with?
WorkSafeBC: WorkSafeBC provides services to injured workers and the Employer community. We have developed partnerships with Employers, industry associations and workers throughout the Province of British Columbia to change societal attitudes about workplace safety in an effort to reduce and eventually eliminate workplace-related injuries, disease and deaths.


goCPAbc:  What, in your view, is the single coolest thing about working at WorkSafeBC?
WorkSafeBC: We are changing the way people think about workplace safety, in the same way society has changed towards no smoking in restaurants or wearing of seatbelts.


goCPAbc:  Tell me why a student should consider working at WorkSafeBC.
WorkSafeBC: Students are offered training and support unlike any other organization. We invest a great deal of time and effort to ensure our staff is fully trained to perform their duties and ensure that the resources and support is available to them to grow within our organization. Opportunities are too long to list for someone not employed by us. As an employee, you will see and experience all of the rewarding opportunities which WorkSafeBC has to offer.


goCPAbc:  What kind of experience would a student acquire working at WorkSafeBC that they may not get elsewhere?
WorkSafeBC: Students will quickly realize the variety of work that exists in a multi-billion dollar organization such as WorkSafeBC. The issues are complex and diverse. Students gain a greater appreciation and understanding for the relationship between departments and the services each one provides. Ultimately, students will engage in work which is for a greater good. They will be making a difference each and every day.


goCPAbc:  What is something fun your company has done in the past 12 months? (i.e. volunteered as a team, had a fun Christmas party).
WorkSafeBC: WorkSafeBC participated in the Corporate Champions Vancouver Summer Games this year. It is an annual event that brings together companies and non-profit organizations across Metro Vancouver to  encourage team building and health & wellness in the workplace. The CCV Summer Games consist of 12 co-ed activities which include: soccer volleyball, basketball, floorball, dodgeball, rock climbing, badminton, bowling, table tennis, go-karting, trivia and stationary granfondo. WorkSafeBC placed second this year, after having won it all in 2012.


goCPAbc:  Give me 5 qualities you look for in a student who will work for WorkSafeBC.
WorkSafeBC: Enthusiastic, willingness to learn, great communicator, organized and compassionate.


goCPAbc:  If you could give students a glimpse into their future, what’s one thing you would tell them about what’s great about being a professional accountant at WorkSafeBC?
WorkSafeBC: I can do so in one simple word: opportunity. Becoming a professional accountant will afford you many opportunities within WorkSafeBC that you never knew existed or knew you would get excited about.