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Show Me the Money: Financing Your Education with Scholarships & Awards


No matter how you slice it, post-secondary education comes with a steep price tag. Costs include tuition, books, course materials, as well as overall living expenses, and they are all likely to rise. According to the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and Statistics Canada, the cost of tuition and compulsory fees for full-time undergrads in BC is projected toRead Story

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KPMG’s Manager of Talent Attraction Shares Tips for Winning Interviews


So, you’ve made it through the networking events and have been invited to an interview – congratulations! Wondering how to prepare and what to expect? Jenna Imai, Manager of Talent Attraction at KPMG Vancouver has some insider tips for you.


During your preparations, put yourself in the shoes of the interviewer “Think about what you wouldRead Story

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Fall Recruit Networking Tips From an HR Manager


Believe it or not 2015 recruits, the end is nigh. Congratulations on all your hard work, networking, and making connections with the national and mid-size firms, and industry groups to date.


As the events draw to a close and the application deadline approaches, here are some networking tips to keep in mind so you’reRead Story

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The Fall Recruit Experience

Jafar Salimi BCIT


Our blog post this week comes from Jafar Salimi, a CPABC student ambassador from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Jafar has first-hand experience going through the Fall Recruit process and is starting his job with PwC this fall. Here are his tips for a successful Fall Recruit.  



This time of year can be difficultRead Story

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Tricking Your Brain to Remember Names



Does this ever happen to you? You are at a networking or social event and you are introduced to somebody but as soon as their name is spoken it disappears from your memory, never even seeming to enter your mind. You think you are doing everything right:  firm handshake (but not too firm), direct eye contact,Read Story

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5 Tips to Get Your Résumé Noticed Via Email



Whether it’s a full-time, part-time, or a co-op position you’re applying for, many employers request that résumés be submitted via email. Here are some tips on how to get your résumé noticed as soon as it hits the employer’s inbox.


1)      Use a Straightforward Subject Line

Some positions require a specific reference number or statement be included inRead Story

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Level Up on LinkedIn



The CPABC Spring Leadership Conference that was held in Vancouver May 7 & 8, 2015 featured an inspiring array of presentations and seminars related to business, leadership, and technology. One of the speakers at the conference was media and technology expert, Tristan Jutras. Tristan’s session at the CPABC conference was about utilizing social media to leverageRead Story

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Surmounting the two-year-experience dilemma – Part 2


In part 2 of our two-part blog post, CPABC’s Manager of Employment Initiatives, Dan Relihan, CPA, CGA, MBA, concludes our exploration of the two-year-experience dilemma by explaining how new grads might still get a shot at the entry-level interview even when the employer states that they require significant related experience.


In our previous post we noted a Read Story

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Surmounting the two-year-experience dilemma – Part 1

graduate thinking about job

This is the first of a two-part blog post in which CPABC’s Manager of Employment Initiatives, Dan Relihan, CPA, CGA, MBA, will explore why so many employers ask for two years of experience for entry-level jobs, and how you can get the interview anyway.


We’re all too familiar with this dilemma, and just as baffled byRead Story

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Top 5 Winning Personality Traits



We came across an article on that listed the top 5 personality traits employers hire most. Universum, a Swedish employer branding firm, collected the data by interviewing 1,200 of the world’s top companies, and ranked the traits by importance.


The five traits are:


Professionalism. 86 per cent of recruiters and hiring managers look for aRead Story

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