Interview: High School Ambassador

Tina Jang - HS Ambassador

Q: Tell us what short term and long term goals are.

One short term goal I have is to continue working hard at my grade 11 studies until the very end of the classes – even with the school year ending soon. One of my long term goals is to get into either the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto or the Sauder School of Business at UBC with a scholarship. In order to achieve this, I am consistently building my academic accomplishments and solidifying my diverse extracurricular activities.

Q: What made you decide to become a CPABC High School Ambassador?

What prompted me to look up opportunities was my passion to take steps to develop myself and my desire to inspire those with the same interest. To meet these goals, I started looking for exciting opportunities that could help me pursue my dreams in business. While doing research online, I found out there was a High School Ambassador Program in Ontario, but it hadn’t been launched in British Columbia yet. I reached out to the Business Development Coordinator at CPABC about this program, and when it was finally launched in British Columbia, I was informed and became one of the first CPABC High School Ambassadors!

Q: What aspect of an accounting/business career surprised or interested you most?

Business touches and shapes every aspect of modern society. It can be diversely applied to so many other fields. Pursuing my future in business definitely opens up an unlimited pool of opportunities. I also find accounting interesting because is about capturing and representing the truth about a company and overseeing the firm’s potentials. Living in a society affluent with capital and investments, I am interested in how money is used in the business community.

Q: What is one unique thing about yourself?

I am a passionate foodie who lives to eat! I enjoy having food at restaurants and at my place. Eating plays a significant role in my life and is a necessity.

Q: What are your inspirations when thinking about your future career?

Having an interest in business, becoming a High School Ambassador for CPABC, getting involved with multiple business-related youth-run organizations, and now aiming to go to business school to pursue my dreams: all of these act as inspiration for my future career.

Whatever I end up doing, whether it is closely related to my goal at this moment or something totally different, my learning experience gained from CPABC will definitely help me. Doing the monthly tasks, I had to connect with many people, which has endowed me with confidence and communication skills that will undoubtedly light my future path.


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