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CPA Fall Recruit Experience featuring Maneisha Sandhu


Our blog post this week comes from Maneisha Sandhu. Maneisha is the former President of the Langara Accounting Club, and is currently a Tax Associate at PwC. Maneisha shares her CPA Fall Recruit experience with us.


What made you decide to participate in the CPA Fall Recruit?

I was a part of the British Columbia Accounting Clubs Committee (BCACC) and as a part of this committee, I saw how the Fall Recruit was a really great way to build connections and to get a job. I went to a few events initially and I really connected with the people that I met with and I could really envision myself working with them in the future which is why I decided to do the Fall Recruit.


How many events did you attend and where?

I attended the majority of the events, and I strongly believe that students should attend all the events that they can. For me, it was a really great way to meet with the firms and to get a sense of who I wanted to work for. I view these events as an opportunity to build a two way relationship as it is the time for you to see who fits well with you, but also for the firms to see who fits with them.


How did you prepare for the events?

As preparation, I went to all the networking events prior to the National and Mid-sized firm days in September. I did research on the firms on their websites so that I was well informed. I noticed that representatives really appreciate it when you ask more in depth questions, and not just simple things that can be easily found on your own.


I always ensured that I had plenty of business cards. A business card is a small snapshot of who you are and what you do. Whenever I receive a business card from a firm representative, I always jot down a couple key points from our conversation afterwards on the card so that I can reference it later when I am writing a follow up email.


It is also important to send follow up emails to help solidify the relationships you have made with the firm representatives. I always try to mention key points from our conversation that were memorable so that I was memorable.


What tips can you provide to students seeking employment with small, medium, and large firms?

Making connections is very important – build those relationships. You should talk to everyone because people at different levels have different experiences, so it’s a good opportunity to see how growth within the firm is like.


For applications, I would highly recommend that you think about your resume and cover letter early on, because it’s hard to think of ideas when you are in a time crunch. Always have someone proofread before you submit. Apply to the firms that you feel are the best fit for you.

The firm culture and the people within the firm are very important because at the end of the day, it will make your job and your experiences at the firm a lot more enjoyable.


How are you enjoying your work now?

I love my work and I love the people that I work with. I’m currently part of the tax group at PwC, and it is part of a rotation program, so I get the opportunity to get experience in different areas of tax. I find that it is beneficial for me to experience everything before deciding what to specialize in.


I find that the culture and people at PwC are a very good fit for me and my personality. PwC allows me to have work life balance. They also have lots of extracurricular activities to participate in such as sports teams and clubs.


Fall Recruit is a very stressful time for many students, what do you suggest they should do to alleviate that stress?

For me, I distress by hanging out with my friends and playing sports such as ice hockey. I also volunteer as I really enjoy giving back to the community. My advice to students going through recruit is to remember to still leave time for the things you enjoy as it will help to make the experience a lot less stressful and more fun.


Do you have any final words of advice for students participating in the 2016 CPA Fall Recruit?

Not everyone is successful their first time around during the Fall Recruit so do not let it deter you from trying again. There is always next year. A great take away from this first experience, is that you have already built relationships from this year, so you can continue to nurture these relationships which could lead to opportunities in the future.

Try to have fun with Fall Recruit and step out of your comfort zone. You may not be an extrovert, but neither are some of the firm representatives. At the end of the day, the representatives know how you are feeling because they too have gone through a similar process.


The best part of Fall Recruit is all the people that you get to meet so just try to enjoy your experience and have fun with it.


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