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Fall Recruit Networking Tips from a Senior Tax Associate at PwC


So you’re right in the thick of things with the 2016 Fall Recruit. Congratulations on all your hard work, networking, and making connections with the national and mid-size firms, and industry groups to date.


As we are getting closer to the application deadline, here are some networking tips from Richard Wong, Senior Associate, Tax at PwC, to keep in mind so that you’re top of mind for your preferred firms.


Nerves – If you continue to find networking to be a daunting activity, try bringing a friend. Networking can be stressful on your own, so it helps to have a familiar face among the crowd when you try to navigate the tricky networking waters.


Talk to everyone – Everyone at the event is there for a reason. They might not be a partner or the head recruiter but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a role in the recruiting process.


Follow up – You have likely followed up (via email) with a firm representative 10+ times, further to connecting with them at various events. This is great! Please be sure to continue to do so. If there is someone you felt that you’ve really connected with, you should consider sending a physical thank you card to their office in addition to your email.


Timing – Gauge when to leave the circle that you are networking in. Don’t be scared to leave, the representatives won’t be offended! When the conversation starts to fizzle, don’t be afraid to move on. Excuse yourself tactfully!


Business Cards – Nothing looks worse than coming to an event and not having enough business cards. You never know how many people you will meet, or who will you meet, so it’s always better to have too many business cards and have a few left over after an event.


Make a point of meeting more representatives – Firms tend to send different representatives to different events, so attend as many networking events as possible. Getting face to face time with multiple representatives shows genuine interest.


Hopefully you will find these tips useful. I know you’ve heard it all before, but its true: be yourself. Nothing is as important as being genuine.


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