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Fall Recruit Networking Tips From an HR Manager


Believe it or not 2015 recruits, the end is nigh. Congratulations on all your hard work, networking, and making connections with the national and mid-size firms, and industry groups to date.


As the events draw to a close and the application deadline approaches, here are some networking tips to keep in mind so you’re on the radar of your preferred firms.


Keep up the energy and enthusiasm – I know it’s tiring, but now is the time you need to bring your “A” game. In the past, I’ve found students who were once so keen and interested in the process drop off our radar and later find out that they were unsuccessful in securing a position. Why? They thought they had invested enough time and energy when an ongoing presence is required to be successful in recruit.


Follow up – You have likely followed up (via email) with a firm representative 10+ times, further to connecting with them at various events. This is great! Please be sure to continue to do so. A courtesy thank you email shouldn’t take too much time and does not need to be an essay; a simple two or three-line note will suffice. This demonstrates continued interest and keeps you on the firm’s radar.


Make a point of meeting more representatives – If the opportunity presents itself, getting face to face time with multiple representatives shows genuine interest. A good rule of thumb: pop by and say a quick hello to the representatives you have met with previously, then ask them to introduce (or point) you in the direction of someone else at the firm.


Nerves – If you continue to find networking to be a daunting activity, my best advice is to breathe. We’re there to impress you as much as you are there to connect and make a good impression on us. It’s a two-way conversation. The good news is the networking events will soon be over.


Get started on your application – If you haven’t started, get to it now. Do not wait until the beginning of September to start this process. A well thought out cover letter and professional résumé take time to perfect. Now is the time to schedule a meeting with your career centre.


The mid-size firm day – Make sure to work out a personal networking strategy before attending this event. The two hours allotted goes by fast and you want to make a point of touching base with the firms (emphasis on the plural – don’t limit yourself) you’re especially interested in. We understand the position you’re in, so politely excuse yourself from group conversations to maximize mingling time.


I hope you find this information useful. I wish you every success in recruit and securing a position in your firm of choice!


Caoimhe Bourke
Human Resources Manager
Smythe Ratcliffe LLP



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