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Our blog post this week comes from Jafar Salimi, a CPABC student ambassador from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Jafar has first-hand experience going through the Fall Recruit process and is starting his job with PwC this fall. Here are his tips for a successful Fall Recruit.  


Jafar Salimi BCIT


This time of year can be difficult as you attempt to make great impressions and build relationships with potential future employers. It is a stressful time of year, trust me, I know! Here are some tips that might help relieve some of that stress and help you prepare for the recruitment and interview period.


Attend as many events as possible before September. This gives you an opportunity to meet many different people from the firms – everyone from first-year staff to managers and partners. The two big events in September should not be a time where you meet firm reps for the first time. Think of them more as opportunities to catch up and let the reps know you are interested in them one last time before interviews begin.


Arrive early for all events. This gives you a chance to find the venue and relax for a few minutes before entering. Walking into a room full of reps calm and collected rather than rushed and sweaty makes a world of a difference.


Don’t ignore junior staff. These are the people you will be working with closely in your first few years. Their input matters greatly as it indicates whether you are a good fit for their team. Also, I found that speaking to junior staff first relieves some early anxiousness and helps build confidence before approaching a manager or partner of the firm.


Do your research! Find out which firms will be present before the event. Visit their websites and dig deep into what makes each different from the other firms. This will give you a base from which to ask questions that are important to you. It also shows the rep that you aren’t asking questions just for the sake of asking them. Doing this research early gives you a solid foundation for tailoring your cover letters to each firm once applications are due.


Don’t do all the talking. It is perfectly fine to stand in a group without talking for a few minutes. Do not try and take over a conversation and allow time for other students to speak as well. It shows that you are engaged but are also considerate of your colleagues as well. This goes a long way.


Be confident in who you are. Firms are looking for a wide variety of people with different backgrounds and skill sets. It becomes obvious when students are trying to be someone who they think the firm is looking for. Show your personality and you will find the events more enjoyable and good conversations easier to come by.


Good luck with the Recruit and interviews!



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