First Annual CPABC Case Competition

This November, CPABC launched its First Annual CPABC Case Competition. More than 100 students from nine schools from all across BC have sent us their creative video-applications. The top four teams at each school were then chosen to compete in the second round, the CPA Mini Case Competition. With the great support of the schools’ accounting clubs, CPA campus ambassadors, and faculty members, each school hosted its own mini competition and chose one top team that will compete at the final round of the Case Competition in February 2015.


Team "TEA(m)" from UBC

Team “TEA(m)” from UBC

The winning team from UBC was excited to share their experience:


Greetings from the team “TEA(m)”!


48 hours went by like a whirlwind. We read, analyzed, pulled out knowledge from our combined 10 years of business education, drew endless diagrams on the whiteboard, bonded, and definitely lost a few hours of sleep. We raced to and from work and class in order to maximize what limited time we had. On the day of the presentation, instead of hostile rivalry, we supported and bonded with our competitors, trying to give strength to each other and to stay calm and collected before the presentation. During the presentation, we looked our judges in the eyes and explained our ideas proudly and confidently.


We came out of the competition changed. Not only had we received valuable feedback to be applied to our future case preparations, we learned more about our respective strengths and weaknesses. Our greatest lesson, however, had to do with the value of case competitions. We felt that contrary to common belief, everything that we learn in the classroom is applicable and relevant to the real world. The case competition setting was a great way to replicate the challenge of delivering creative yet feasible recommendations under time constraints, which is the reality of the business world.  


Thank you for a wonderful experience, we can’t to wait to be back in February!


Watch TEA(m)’s video application below.


Stay tuned for the upcoming final round of the CPABC Case Competition!


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