Mentorship Plays a Role in the Development of Every CPA

To assist future CPAs acquire the competencies expected of a professional accountant, mentorship is now a CPA practical experience requirement. CPA students and candidates who start employment and register with their provincial CPA body after September 2014 will be required to have a mentor.

CPA students/candidates will meet with their mentor at least twice a year to discuss their progress in practical experience and competency development. All members (CPA, CA, CMA, CGA) in good standing with their professional accounting body may mentor future CPAs. Mentors must be approved by their provincial body and must successfully complete a mentor orientation session delivered by CPA.

Future CPAs who work in a CPA pre-approved program will be matched with a CPA mentor by the employer; those in an experience verification path will seek out their own mentor to maximize the potential fit or the provincial CPA body will help match CPA students/candidates with CPA mentors if they can’t find one.

Mentorship brings a valuable element to the CPA certification program and provides future CPAs support and insight that can clarify their knowledge and accelerate their progress. CPA mentors are not expected to verify the accuracy of a student’s experience, help students with the education program, or find jobs for students. Mentors are expected to, provide guidance on the competency development of CPA students and exemplify the profession’s values, ethics, and attitudes.

Additional information on the mentorship program will be made available shortly. In the meantime, please visit for more information on CPA Mentorship and the CPA Practical Experience Requirements.