Life as a CPA Student: Sina Larijani


goCPAbc: Tell us about yourself?

Name: Sina Ardeshir Larijani
Post-Secondary School & Degree: SFU Bachelor of Business Administration- Finance & Accounting
Accounting Focus: Private Accounting, Project Accounting


goCPAbc: What do you aspire to do with your accounting designation? Is there a specific company you dream to work for/specific industry you would love to work in/specific role you wish to pursue?

Larijani: I started my accounting career in the real estate development industry, and I currently work as a Project Accountant for an established developer in Vancouver.  An accounting designation provides me with the credibility and the knowledge that I need to advance in my career.  Working in the real estate development industry has always been a passion of mine and I would like to pursue my accounting career within the same industry.


goCPAbc: What personal strengths and skills do you feel will be nurtured by the CPA program to help make you a ‘game changer’ (difference-maker) for a company in the future?

Larijani: The CPA designation will give me a better view of the accounting industry and how it operates on a global basis. It will provide me with the voice and credibility required to excel in my career.  Through the CPA designation I will acquire the leadership and problem solving skills that are essential to succeed in today’s competitive world.


goCPAbc: What advice or motivation would you give others in the workforce thinking about enrolling in the CPA program?

Larijani: My only advice is to sign up now and do not procrastinate. Initially, I was not sure whether pursuing an accounting designation was the right path for me. However, after signing up for the program I know I made the right decision. I now have a clear vision of my future objectives and the journey that I have yet to finish in order to achieve them.